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International markets bring new tastes to Memphis

Photo: Taylor Owens

A small churro and taco truck sits outside the Winchester International Market. This truck is a permanent food truck at the Winchester Farmer's Market.

Taylor Owens, Editor-in-chief

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Imagine walking into your local Kroger and you see a large container of an unusually shaped fuzzy fruits to your left and a creamy green-colored dessert on your right and whole rabbits without eyes being sold in the “Carniceria.”

These seemingly mythical foods are not myths at all, but in fact are available in our hometown, if you know where to look. That is what it  is like walking into both of Memphis’ large international markets with new cuisine discoveries around every corner.

Memphis has great BBQ and food attractions, but did you know that the Travel channel has featured the two large international markets here in town on one of their biggest hit shows?

Cordova Farmer’s International Market is located on Germantown Pkwy in Cordova, TN and the Winchester Farmer’s Market is located on Winchester Road in Memphis, TN. Both of these markets include foods from around the world.

The Cordova Farmer’s Market International mainly contains foods from different Asian cultures, with each aisle labeled by the country that the food came from. This market includes an expansive seafood department and foods from several countries, such as Japan and Vietnam.

The Winchester Farmer’s Market specializes in Hispanic foods. Outside the doors there are stands selling homemade churros and tacos, while inside there are containers holding huge stalks of sugarcane and fruits, like mamey sapote and durian, that you would have never even dreamed existed.

The Winchester Farmer’s Market was featured on the Travel Channel’s hit show “Bizarre Foods America” with Andrew Zimmern. After this episode, the popularity of the market picked up. There is so much waiting to be discovered and tasted beyond the doors of each market.

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Hidden gems