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Skizzy Mars captivates his fans on his Red Balloon Tour. His Ep,"The Red Balloon Project" reached number 35 on on the Billboard 200.

Rachel Ducker, Copy Editor

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Disclaimer: Not all songs and artists reviewed are appropriate for all ages. Listeners’ discretion is advised.

Often, great artists do not get the recognition they deserve. While you may have heard of Twenty One Pilots or Rixton, you probably did not pay them much attention. This is often what happens: people hear one good song and believe that’s all there is to that artist. However, this is not the case

Take Rixton for example. You may have heard their most famous song, “Me And My Broken  Heart,” but have you listened the rest of their album? It features beautiful harmonies, which blends pop music with R&B. Their songs are catchy, and their sound is hard to compare to anything on the radio.

Recommended Songs: “Wait On Me,” “Speakerphone” and “We All Want the Same Thing” 

Skizzy Mars is another artist who often gets passed over. He is featured in songs with artists like G-Eazy and Hoodie Allen, so people know his name, but they don’t listen to his songs. His music is a mixture of Rap and R&B. He is a very dynamic artist, and his music can range from upbeat and playful to mellow.

Recommended Songs: “Numb,” “Weekend Millionaires (remix)” and”All Say”  

Most know the name Twenty One Pilots from their music festival performances or their song “Tear in My Heart,” but many have never listened to their music fully or have only listened to one or two songs repeatedly. Twenty One Pilots is pioneering their own genre that ranges from island music to R&B, so there is something for everyone. The two members that make up this band, Tyler and Josh, are multi-talented, and it shows.

Recommended Songs: “The Judge,” “Fairly Local” and “The Run and Go” 

James Bay is known for his song “Let It Go,” but this is not the only good song he has ever produced. James Bay is an amazing vocalist as well as a skilled guitarist. His sound is similar to that of Ben Howard and Hozier. Lyrically, his songs are breathtaking, and vocally, he’s like no other.

Recommended Songs: “Stealing Cars,” “Sparks” and “If You Ever Want To Be In Love”

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  1. Emma Pounders on September 23rd, 2015 8:36 AM

    Twenty One Pilots is THE BOMB!! Love this article 🙂


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