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Gold and red go head-to-head

St. George's holds first upper school field day

Katie Boyle and Annie Vento

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  • Juniors Elle Vaughn and Sarah Thompson (left to right) are decked out in red for field day. For the last day of spirit week, Friday, October 23, the grades were split up into two teams, the juniors and the freshmen, who wore red, and the seniors and the sophomores, who wore gold. (Photo: Katie Boyle)
  • Members of the Gold team pose for a photo during field day. The Gold team was comprised of seniors and sophomores. (Photo: Katie Boyle)
  • Senior Alexie Spentzas anxiously watches Mr. Kyle Slatery play Face the Cookie. The game required students to get the cookie from their head into their mouths. (Photo: Katie Boyle)
  • Students are bumped into while participating in a field day event called "Battle Balls." Students played a short game of soccer while in battle balls. (Photo: Katie Boyle)
  • Students get ready to throw a pie of whipped cream at Mr. Zach Adcock, the Freshman English teacher. One of the events of Friday's field day was called pie pitching, where students were rewarded with a point for hitting the stand in teacher in the face with their pie. (Photo: Katie Boyle)
  • Junior Gavin Hidaji keeps his balloon in the air as he makes his way across the field. The winning team of this event was whichever kept a balloon in the air on their way across the field and was not the last one back to the starting line. (Photo: Katie Boyle)
  • Junior Iona Yates spins around on a baseball bat, while participating in the field day event called "Dizzy waiter." On Friday, October 23, the entire high school missed 7th and 8th period to participate in a field day.
  • Freshmen Morgan McGuffee and Elizabeth Thomas pose on the sidelines of an event. The red team, which consisted of freshmen and juniors, won field day by four points. (Photo: Katie Boyle)
  • College Guidance counselor Ms. Jessica Hardy helps junior Anna Besh out of a battle ball. "Battle Balls" was an event where students played a short game of soccer while in a large plastic ball. (Photo: Katie Boyle)
  • Gold team members, including Mr. Kyle Slatery, Caroline Green, Courtney Tipton and Alexia Spentzas, wait for their next event during field day. The red team was hailed the winner of field day by four points. (Photo: Katie Boyle)
  • Sophomore David Quesada tosses an egg to his partner. One of the field days events was an egg toss. (Photo: Katie Boyle)
  • Senior Joshua Mullenix holds a cockroach for the gold team. The winning team of the cockroach challenge was whichever had more people hold a cockroach and how many would put it on their face if it was a tie. (Photo: Katie Boyle)
  • One of the red teams forms behind the boundaries of the battle ball soccer game. This field day event received the most attention from the students. (Photo: Katie Boyle)
  • Seniors Mary Helen McCord, Maddie Skudder and Claire Thomas work together in the M&M challenge. This event involved three team members to see if they could pass an M&M to each person and onto a straw via other straws. (Photo: Katie Boyle)
  • Seniors Francesca Healy and Frances Gatlin take a break from field day to have their picture taken. The Gold team would ultimately lose field day by 4 points. (Photo: Katie Boyle)
  • Seniors Sam Hyde, Will Patterson, and Jacob Peeples attempt to launch a rubber chicken. The game challenged students to launch as many chickens into a trashcan in 3 tries. (Photo: Katie Boyle)
  • Students participate in an egg toss. It was one of the events from the field day that took place on Friday, October 23rd. (Photo: Katie Boyle)
  • Senior Peyton Smith quickly pours a ladle of water into a bucket, while participating in a relay race. One of the events from Friday's field day was called "Dizzy waiter," where students spun around on a bat and then carried a ladle of water to a bucket. (Photo: Katie Boyle)
  • Seniors Will Courtney and Olivia Phillips launch a chicken towards a target in a field day event called "Chicken Launch." On Friday, October 23, the entire high school participated in a field day. (Photo: Katie Boyle)
  • Ms. Mary Reed and Mr. Rohit Goel's advisories pose during field day. The red team was deemed the winner of field day by four points. (Photo: Katie Boyle)
  • Mr. Timothy Gibson and Mrs. Heidi Rubin's advisories wait for their next event. Sophomore advisories were paired with senior advisories while freshmen advisories were paired with junior advisories. (Photo: Katie Boyle)

In place of a homecoming pep rally, the Upper School held its first annual field day in place of a homecoming pep rally on Friday, Oct. 23, led and organized by Dean of Students Mrs. Kalyn Underwood.

Grade-level advisories worked together and represented one of two overarching teams, with the red team consisting of freshmen and juniors and the gold team of sophomores and seniors.

“It was just all-around, good family fun,” junior Mason Walker said. Walker added that the battle balls were his favorite event because it mixed sports with fun and no one could get hurt.

Field day took place during seventh and eighth periods, a conclusion to the spirit week for the homecoming game that night and homecoming dance on Saturday night. Students and teachers dressed in colored leggings, face paint and other spirited attire.

The field day itself consisted of activities that many students had not seen before and led them to get outside of their comfort zone and think creatively.

One event involved students holding a live cockroach, and the winning team was whichever had more team members hold the cockroach. If an equal amount of team members held the cockroach, the tie-breaker was whichever team had someone put the cockroach on their face. Another event gave students the opportunity to throw pies at a teacher’s face, including guidance counselor Ms. Elizabeth Bran, Upper School Director Mr. Tom Morris, and ninth-grade English teacher Mr. Zack Adcock.

Among all of the events, one that received the most positive feedback from students was the “battle balls.” This event involved students playing soccer with a twist, as they were inside large plastic balls that were often larger than the students themselves. While many teams did play soccer, others spent the game time trying to knock each other over in the battle balls.

“I loved it. Bubble soccer was the most fun I’ve had in a long time,” English teacher Mr. Jamie Roszel said. “I think that Ms. Underwood deserves a lot of credit for all of her hard work. I think it was the perfect way to spend that afternoon.”

After the results were tallied multiple times, the red team, consisting of freshmen and juniors, was announced to be the winning team by four points. Students apart of the red team were allowed to wear a St. George’s t-shirt with jeans on Thursday, Oct. 29, as a reward for their win.

“I loved field day,” Prefect of Honor Sutton Hewitt said. “It was probably the highlight of my senior year, and it was a great way to bond with underclassmen, too.”

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The student voice of St. George's Independent School.
Gold and red go head-to-head