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Ultimate frisbee team flies into St. George’s

Photo: Iona Yates

Sophomore Winston Margaritis jumps to catch a frisbee. This year, students joined the ultimate frisbee team that is sponsored by Mr. Sullivan.

Merryn Ruthling, Staff Writer

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“What is the right way to throw a frisbee?” you may ask. Thanks to the new ultimate frisbee team, this is a skill that St. George’s students are now learning.

Ultimate frisbee, generally referred to as ultimate, was founded this year by seniors Connor Funck and Jared Whitaker and is sponsored by chemistry teacher Mr. Ethan Sullivan.

The team began from a mutual love for the game of frisbee. Mr. Sullivan, an enthusiastic ultimate player, has enjoyed playing frisbee for his entire life, particularly in college and graduate school. Funck and Whitaker, also avid ultimate players, decided to create the club after having fun playing during the summer with other St. George’s students.

The team currently has an average of 25 players who come out to Friday practices, with a core group of about eight or nine people. The team consists of mostly high school students with one or two middle schoolers, but it is open to the entire St. George’s community.

“Middle schoolers are totally welcome to come out and play. It’s open to the entire school, [and] it’s open to faculty,” Funck said. “Anyone can come out and play.”

The group hopes to continue practicing year-round and possibly begin playing teams from other schools such as Houston, Collierville and White Station. Although they currently have a loose structure of fun games, Mr. Sullivan hopes to teach the team members the formal rules of the game as well as specific plays.

“I want to teach them how to play by the actual rules and establish some structure in how the game should be played,” Mr. Sullivan said. “Right now they have fun with it, which I think is great, but they also play more of a loose style.”

Through this club, St. George’s is expanding its recreational sports clubs, which currently includes clubs such as ping-pong. Ultimate frisbee it is one of the only sports clubs started by students instead of a coach or teacher.

The team is a fun-oriented group with a goal of growing as a team. It has grown in size and popularity since the beginning of the year, and captains Whitaker and Funck believe that it will continue to do so as more people see the fun and friendships that are made through the sport.

“I love frisbee at St. George’s. All the people there are nice and funny,” seventh-grader Jack Vento said. ”It is just a good group of people having a good time.’Sullivan really helps everybody become the best frisbee player they can be. It is just a good fun game.”

Mr. Sullivan hopes to teach the team members the formal rules of the game as well as specific plays. “I want to teach them how to group of people having a good time.”

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The student voice of St. George's Independent School.
Ultimate frisbee team flies into St. George’s