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Hottest names in music release new albums

Photo: Rachel Ducker

Phones display new music from One Direction, Justin Bieber and Adele. All three artists released new albums this November.

Rachel Ducker, Entertainment Editor/Copy Editor

Recently, many big names in music have released their long-awaited albums. They have incorporated new sounds, transformed their songwriting and matured as artists. The records that they have produced have certainly not disappointed their listeners.

Adele – 25

Adele’s long-awaited new album was released on the Nov. 20, and it did not disappoint. It highlights her amazing vocal abilities once again and highlights the quality of her songwriting. In this album, she incorporates her trademark ballads that highlight her haunting voice, but she also threads upbeat and playful songs throughout the record as well. Adele tells her listeners a story through her songs, and thus her audience has to listen to the album a couple of times to truly appreciate it. The record speaks to her maturity and growth over the years since she released “21” back in 2011.

Recommended Songs: All I Ask, Remedy, Send My Love (To Your New Lover)

One Direction – Made in the A.M.

One Direction’s first album without Zayn Malik was released on Nov. 13, and it is by far their best. The album shows how much they have changed from the release of their first record in 2012. Their music no longer has a “bubblegum pop” feel, and it has changed and matured instead. Their songwriting definitely reflects their growth, and the production and composition is outstanding. The whole record features songs with new and different influences. It is again a pop album, which One Direction has been trademarked for, but it shows honest depth and amazing hits.

Recommended Songs: If I Could Fly, Walking in the Wind, End of the Day

Justin Bieber – Purpose

Similar to Adele, Justin Bieber is another artist whose fans have been craving a new album for years, and he certainly gave them what they were asking for. He produced an album that shied away from his customary pop songs and leaned more towards R&B. He wrote some songs that have true meaning as opposed to what is usually expected from him, being songs solely about relationships and girls. He also brought in many famous artists to work with him on this album, including Skrillex, Halsey and Ed Sheeran. These collaborations are what makes this album so good, as it features all of these different influences and sounds that support the writing and melodies of each song.
Recommended Songs: The Feeling, Love Yourself, Purpose

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  1. Laura McDowell on November 30th, 2015 8:53 AM

    All I Ask for At the End of the Day is The Feeling of listening to these albums on repeat.


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