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St. George's leads another successful blood drive

Photo: Emma Pounders

Junior Faith Huff donates blood. The drive took place on Thursday, Feb. 4, in the Senior Lounge.

Emma Pounders, Entertainment Editor

The second blood drive of the school year was held on Thursday, Feb. 4, in the Senior Lounge. About 40 students registered to donate blood for the winter blood drive.

Students age 16 and older, along with many faculty members, who weigh a minimum of 115 pounds, donated blood to those in need. Participants were urged to eat a big breakfast the morning of the blood drive and to drink plenty of water throughout the week to prevent fainting after donating.

In an effort to get the community excited about donating blood, seniors Teddrick Boyd and Karina Jensen, longtime Lifeblood participants and supporters, oversaw a station where all students could decorate sugar cookies in the cafeteria. The station was provided by fine arts students and parents at no cost to participants.

Jensen created a display to celebrate those who took part in the drive. Everyone who donated was invited to write their name and grade on a paper heart, to be attached to the display and exhibited during lunch.

Meanwhile, Boyd emailed participants throughout the day to check in on how they were feeling and if they needed anything in order to ensure they had a pleasant time donating.

The next blood drive will be held in the spring, the date to be announced.

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